Christian Perspectives on Death and Dying.

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Cardiff University has organised a day conference in Oxford as part of a national ecumenical project supporting Christians to engage with issues around death and dying.  The Oxford event is the fifth in a series of six, and they have found that both Clergy and lay Christians have found the events to be informative and thought provoking.

The conference day 'Christian Perspectives on Death and Dying' will focus on the discussion of advance decisions, providing and withholding medical treatments, and the assisted dying debate.  A short summary is below: 

Christian Perspectives on Death and Dying

Saturday 29th April 2017

10:00am – 5:00pm

Quaker Meeting House, St Giles, Oxford

All are welcome to join us at this ecumenical gathering organised by Cardiff University for a day of conversation, reflection and debate addressing:

• Advance decisions (‘Living Wills’)

• Providing/Withdrawing medical treatment

• Assisted dying – legal, social and theological perspectives

Speakers include: 

Lord George Carey, The Right Revd Lee Rayfield - Bishop of Swindon,  Revd Canon Rosie Harper (Diocese of Oxford), Revd Canon Dr Sarah Rowland Jones (Diocese of Llandaff), Professor Jenny Kitzinger (Cardiff University), Usha Grieve (Compassion in Dying), Professor Celia Kitzinger (University of York). Professor Sue Wilkinson (University of York) and Professor Dominic Wilkinson (The Oxford Centre for Neuroethics).

Tickets £20 (includes lunch)

Part-time Children & Families Worker sought.

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We are looking for someone to lead an enthusiastic and able team of volunteers and take forward our children and families work. The applicant needs to be a communicant member of a church and theologically aware. We have an inclusive, open-minded approach and a passion to give children the tools they need for a life-long journey in faith.

The post will be for 12 hrs per week (including holiday) with a pay range of £8.50-£10.50/hour, depending on training and experience. The hours could expand and the PCC have agreed to fund the post for 3 years.

For more information, job description and application form, 
please contact: Susie Stead at or ring 07962 531704.

The closing date for applications is Monday 3rd April 2017.

See our church website: for a flavour of what we’re like.

Click here for an A4 sized poster and there for an A5 one.

Ecumenical Quiet Days

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You are invited to join with Churches Together in Marston and Northway for Prayer, Praise, and Meditation on the third Thursday of the month. The Ecumenical Quiet Days are held at Marston URC Church, 352 Marston Road, Oxford OX3 0JB. 

The days are being led by:

 March 16th 2017

Christine Bainbridge 
 April 20th 2017

Geoff O'Donoghue
 May 18th 2017

Revd. Jean King 
 June 15th 2017

Fr Darren McFarland

Each day will start at 12.00 noon with a break for lunch between 1.00-2.00 pm, please bring your own packed lunch. Tea will be served at 3.00pm and the day will conclude at 4.00pm.  An offering of £5.00 per person, to cover costs, would be appreciated.  

Please note that the premises are fitted with a hearing loop. 

For further details please contact: Kathryn Hopkins on 01865-247864

Lent Talks

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All welcome to a Christian Celebration of Lent. Lent remembers the Forty Days that Yeshua (Jesus) spent in the wilderness preparing for his Earthly teachings. To honour the Lent example, join us for our Lent talks. We are also asking believers to add and subtract something special from their lives in honour of Lent. 

Lent Talks Topic for Discussion 
1: What is the meaning of Easter? REDEMPTION? and the CRUCIFIXION of Yeshua? 
 Wednesday 1st March at 7 pm, Methodist Church, Cowley Road. 

2: At the Heart of Lent is PRAYER. Why is PRAYER so powerful? 
Wednesday 8th March at 7 pm, Methodist Church, Cowley Road. 

3: A look at the Testimonies of those who have had a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE (NDE). 
Wednesday 15th March, 5-6pm, Upper Hall of East Oxford Community Centre, at the junction of Cowley Road and Princes Street from 5pm to 6pm > 

4: The New World Order; the Illuminati; the mark of the beast; 666; Wars and rumours of wars; the rise of the Anti-Bible & Anti-Christ. What should be the Christian response to realities in our world today? 
 Wednesday 22nd March at 7:30 pm Upper Hall of East Oxford Community Centre, at the junction of Cowley Road and Princes Street from 5pm to 6pm > > 

5: The lesson of Lent is that Yeshua (Jesus) cares for the Human Family. How do we reflect Yeshua message in our world today? 
 Wednesday 29th March at 7.30pm, St. Mary & St. John, Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1UR 

6: Why is the Christian message still so powerful for people today? 
Wednesday 5th April at 7.30pm, St. Mary & St. John, Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1UR 

7: End of Lent Celebration.
East Oxford Community Centre, at the junction of Cowley Road and Princes Street

For more details about any of these events, please contact Art Well or phone 0775 78 12 449.

Churches Together in Headington (CTH) photo competition

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CTH is asking for help with the design of this year's Easter card from members of the congregations that make up CTH. We need a photograph for the front cover!

If you have, or can take, a photograph of a theme/subject appropriate for Easter (just one per person please) and send it to us via email to by Shrove Tuesday, February 28 at 4:30pm GMT it will be entered into a competition to choose the most appropriate one.  The photograph should be of a minimum 300px quality and not have been used in any other promotional work. We are not able to offer any reward other than the honour of having the winner's name listed on the card as the photographer. 

To see the covers of previous year's cards, and perhaps get some inspiration, click here.

Priory Prayers 2017

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Ecumenical prayers usually take place on the last Monday in the month at 7.45pm at The Priory, Old High Street except when the last Monday falls on a Bank Holiday in which case the prayers will take place on the Monday before.

Each Church takes a turn in leading the prayers. If you are unable to fulfil your designated date then please arrange a swap with one of the Churches on the list. If no swap can be sorted out, then please contact Rev David Owen by email or phone (Tel. 01865 766585) as soon as possible.

The ecumenical service for the Week of Prayer for Christian  Unity will take place on Sunday 22nd January 2017 at 3:30pm at All Saints, Lime Walk, when the Rev. Dr. Martin Wellings will be our preacher.

Monday 16th January, beginning of WPCU, Collinwood Road URC

Monday 27th. February - All Saints Church

Monday 27th. March - Headington Baptist

Monday 24th. April - Corpus Christi.

Monday 22nd May (to avoid Spring Bank Holiday) - Cornerstone Church.

Monday 26th. June - St. Andrew’s Church

Monday 31st July - Quakers

    No Priory Prayers in August

Monday 25th September - Holy Trinity Church

Monday 30th October - Lime Walk Methodist

Monday 27th November - St. Mary’s Church

    No Priory Prayers in December.   

Annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: 18th-25th January 2017

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There will be an Ecumenical Evensong in All Saints', Lime Walk, Headington on Sunday 22nd January 2017 at 3.30pm when we hope to welcome friends from all the Christian Churches in Headington. 

The preacher will be The Rev. Dr Martin Wellings M.A., D.Phil. (Oxon) and M.A. (Cantab), Chaplain to Methodist Students at Oxford University. Minister of Wesley Memorial Church Oxford and Superintendent Minister of the Oxford Circuit. He is also the Cowley Deanery representative on the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust.

New Initiatives @ Lime Walk Methodist Church

posted 10 Oct 2016, 05:06 by Christine Tucker   [ updated 13 Jan 2017, 14:36 ]

Two exciting new activities have started up in Lime Walk Methodist Church Hall in New High Street. Both will be of special interest to those of you of more ‘mature’ years…which means that if you are between 50 and 100+ you’ll fit in just fine!

The first initiative is ‘Feelgood Fitness’ which describes itself as ‘gentle exercise for those who want to go home with a grin…not a grimace!’. So, whether you’d prefer to take your exercise seated in a chair, or up on your toes, this session -- led by an experienced, qualified instructor – is for you! We’ll be meeting alternate Fridays, starting on October 7, at 11am in the Church Hall. Each session will last approximately 45 minutes leaving us plenty of time for refreshments and a chat. The cost is just £2.50 per person…good company is provided at no extra charge!

The Restoration of the African Mind and call for action

posted 10 Oct 2016, 04:40 by Christine Tucker

Oxford African History Celebration 2016 is being held in association with Brookes University's Student Union, Oxford University’s Oriel and Linacre Colleges, and East Oxford Community Association. The key theme for this years’ Celebration is:

“The Restoration of the African Mind and call for action."

Sunday 9th October – Oriel College, Oriel Square, Oxford: 5.00 – 7.00 p.m.
"Black Lives Matter"; "Bounty"; "Coconut"; "Uncle Tom"; is it helpful to use these terms?
A presentation and discussion of the "Black Lives Matter" campaign viewed from an English perspective.

Followed by a second discussion:
Oxford is now home to people from West Papua, East Timor, Eritrea & Somalia. We look at the circumstances that have caused these wonderful people to leave their homeland and find sanctuary in Oxford. Our aim for this presentation is to find ways of helping the people of West Papua achieve a fulfilled life here in Oxford.

Wed 12th October – East Oxford Community Centre, Princes St (Cowley Rd): 5.00 – 7.00 p.m.
Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome – Dr Joy Degruy Leary – Restoring the African Mind.
This is a psychological examination of the work of Dr Degruy. What is the psychological impact of Slavery and Colonialism on African heritage people today? The aim is to find African solutions to the many problems created by European Colonialism. Presentation & discussion

Sunday 16th October – Oriel College, Oriel Square, Oxford: 5.00 – 7.00 p.m.
In collaboration with students from Linacre College.
Discussion on the Ta-Nehisi Coates book “Between The World And Me”, an open letter from an African American Father to his teenage son about the realities & dangers of living in an African skin and facing racism in the United States today. This theme is considered from an English perspective in a presentation led by Oxford Students.

Wed 19th October – East Oxford Community Centre, Princes St (Cowley Rd): 5.00 – 7.00 p.m.
The struggle for second place or mastery of planet Earth will be between, "The Negro or Australian Aboriginal and the Gorilla" according to Rev Dr Charles Darwin, 1890
"For Africans has no historical part of the world." George Friedrich Hegel, Philosopher
"There is no African History." 1963 Hugh Trevor-Roper, Oxford Regius Professor of Modern History Oxford.
Why are these opinions from eminent Caucasians not challenged by people today? Debate and discussion.

Sunday 23rd October – Oriel College, Oriel Square, Oxford: 5.00 – 7.00 p.m.
Ten essential books that ought to be read, studied and debated by all people of African heritage, including: 
Robin Walker "When We Ruled.";
Martin Bernal “Black Athena”;
Dr Walter Rodney "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa.".......
Presentation and discussion.

Wednesday 26th October – East Oxford Community Centre 5.00 – 7.00 p.m.
Oxford's Rhodes Must Fall Campaign 2015 also demanded Oxford Brookes and Oxford University "De-colonised their curriculum".

What would a De-colonised curriculum look like? With so few Academic staff of African heritage at Oxford, can the current Caucasian lecturers be trusted to teach this vital subject to students of African heritage with honesty, truthfulness and integrity?

The marvellous life and example of Thomas Sankara: by a trade Union representative.

Sunday 30th October – Oriel College, Oriel Square, Oxford: 5.00 – 7.00 p.m.
Debate “Christians and Muslims have enslaved Africans for centuries. If Africans had to choose a Slave Master would Africans choose a Muslim or a Christian Slave Master?”

Which of these Faiths offered a better life for the African Slave: Arabic Muslims, or European Christianity?

Saturday 5th November – East Oxford Community Centre, Princes St (Cowley Rd): 6:00 – 7.30pm
Marley's Children: A presentation examining the massive impact Bob Marley's 1977 arrival in England had on reshaping the thinking, appearance, and values of English children of Caribbean, African and European heritage.

Then Dancing to Bob Marley's Music from 7:30 – 10.30 p.m. With traditional Caribbean Food available.

For Details e-mail or phone 07757 812449.

(N.B. Details of these and any other events that we are aware of during Black History Month will be on our Web Calendar. CTH Webmaster.)

Hospitality and Sanctuary

posted 23 Sep 2016, 02:22 by Christine Tucker

In the last decade, alongside increasing global instability, the movement of people around the globe fleeing war and persecution has become a major issue in the UK. Our response to refugees and asylum seekers is a matter that requires deep reflection at every level.

This is a free lecture, open to all, at Oxford Brookes University of Wednesday 23 November 2016. It is an opportunity to hear Rev Dr Inderjit Bhogal’s unique perspective on the current refugee situation in the UK and worldwide.

Inderjit is a Christian theologian who was born to a Sikh family and emigrated from Nairobi as a young man. He offers great insight into how we can respond to a serious social and humanitarian issue.

Date and Time: Wednesday, 23 November 2016, 18:00 to 19:00
Location: JHB Main Lecture Theatre, John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane site

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