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Lent 2014 - Build on the Rock (Matthew 7:24)

posted 19 Feb 2014, 04:33 by CTH Webmaster   [ updated 15 Jun 2018, 10:29 ]

The Course runs for 5 weeks during Lent and starts by looking at faith and doubt.  Is it wrong or is it normal and healthy for a Christian to have doubts?  Is there any evidence for a God who loves us?


At the heart of a Christian answer stands Jesus himself.  We consider his strange and beautiful story and reflect upon his teaching, his death, his resurrection and his continuing significance.


Five sessions:

(1) Believing and doubting

(2) Jesus - our teacher

(3) Jesus - our saviour

(4) Jesus - conqueror of death

(5) Jesus - Lord and brother


THE COURSE BOOKLET is written by best-selling author, Canon John Young.  Each of the five sessions ends with a range of questions designed to stimulate lively group discussion.  Ideally each group member should have a personal copy of the booklet, cost £3.40 available at the first meeting of your group. 


THE CD contains five 14-minute radio-style starters for group discussion, with former BBC broadcaster Canon Simon Stanley putting questions to the participants: Bishop Richard Chartres, Dr Paula Gooder and Revd Joel Edwards. Each session closes with a Reflection by Methodist minister David Gamble. Former Archbishop of York, Dr David Hope, introduces the course.

Two separate groups will meet in Headington as follows:


Mondays @ 2.30 p.m

McMaster House, Latimer Road

1st meeting Monday 10th March

Leader: David Leaver


Wednesdays @ 2.30 p.m

 Emden House, Barton Lane

1st meeting Wednesday 12th March

Leader: Derek Sherwood.






Rev. Rosemary Davies Tel: 01865 763676