Easter 2010 - Fancy a new body?
The first person who got a new body had been killed and a few days later he was up, talking, eating and his friends recognised him.  He did not become a ghost, nor a star in the sky, but a person.  However he had been changed into a resurrection person - no more disease or dying!

The first resurrection person was Jesus, 2000 years ago. That was the origin of Easter.  Many laughed at the claim then, as they do now, and it is easy to see why.  Others took it seriously and found that by trusting Jesus their lives changed.  They could feel the new life here and not, even though resurrection is for the future, the other side of death.  And new life is why we link eggs with Easter.

You too can get a grasp of Jesus to find your new life here and now, and a new resurrection body in the future.  Check out a church this Easter and find out more.
Easter 2010