Easter 2011 - "But it's empty!"

Have you ever thought that the very first experience of the resurrection of Jesus by his friends was the experience of staring into emptiness? – into a cold, dark, empty tomb.  On the whole when we see that something is empty we tend to feel there is something wrong, something missing – that we have been cheated somehow.  In our abundant society in the west everything must be full to overflowing: the supermarket shelves, the fridge, and especially our Easter eggs!

But we have also all had experiences of looking into emptiness.  In these uncertain financial times there will be the relative emptiness of the bank account and the worry of loss of work.  For others it may be the end of a relationship or a bereavement which is causing the emptiness or loneliness.

But the strange, topsy- turvy message of Easter is that emptiness could be the first experience of something new – a new life about to emerge.  Indeed sometimes new things cannot emerge until we have experienced the emptiness of loss. 

This is what Christians celebrate at Easter: that however bad it gets, however empty, however dark, the risen Christ is with us today and can be known and because of this the darkness we face is but the beginning of something new and even more wonderful than before.

Do come and join us at any one of our churches this Easter. 

Easter 2011