Easter 2013
The Easter story is one of surprise.  It is an account of disciples who encounter the unexpected.  Despite Jesus telling them that he would be killed and that on the third day he would be raised from the dead, not one of them believed it would happen. 

On Easter morning Mary Magdalene, one of the disciples, is shocked and stunned because she believes that someone has stolen Jesus’ body.  When she meets the risen Christ she is still weeping, still in shock, still unbelieving, still not expecting or hoping for a single thing. 

Mary doesn’t expect to see Jesus walking about, fully alive, and so she doesn’t see him.  It is only when Jesus calls her by name that her eyes clear, that her heart clears, and she realizes that Jesus is alive and standing in front of her. 

We can all share Mary’s disbelief.  When it comes to the hard times in our lives, it can be very hard to believe in what Jesus has said about being raised on the third day, so very hard to believe that not only was he raised - but that we too will be raised, that death does not in fact have the last word.  The signs of God’s love are all about us in the midst of our world’s troubles and turmoil.  We must listen for the voice of the one who called Mary by name in the garden for it speaks to us as well. It is not over.

May this Easter be one when we expect the unexpected, and rejoice in it.
Easter 2013