Easter 2014

As the barrenness of the winter soil in the garden gives way to the blossoming of spring flowers, so we see nature yielding its own miracle of new life.

The miracle of new life was certainly not what the disciples of Jesus expected to find on that first Easter morning.  As far as they were concerned, Jesus had died and they had come to pay their last respects at the tomb where his body was laid.  Their lives felt barren like the soil of the garden and they were consumed with grief and confusion.  However, that was not the end of the story for Jesus was very much alive and they were to experience life in a new dimension.

For Christians the events of Holy Week and Easter lie at the heart of our faith.

In his own life, Jesus experienced the heartache of sorrow, the agony of betrayal, the despair of loneliness and the pain of death, but Christians believe that through his death on a cross and his resurrection from the tomb, Jesus conquered the darkness of human sin and death.

Jesus opened up a new and hopeful way of living in this life and beyond death. 

Whenever our hearts are grieving or in pain then God’s touch of love can bring us a new sense of purpose.  The cross upon which Jesus died has been transformed into a cross of resurrection and new life in which we can all share.

May this Easter be a time when God’s offer of new life becomes a reality for us.

Easter 2014