Easter 2016

Surprises can be great if they’re good but no one wants unexpected crises for which they’re unprepared. What happened with Jesus at the first Easter (originally the Jewish Passover) was the biggest surprise ever.

As in His birth as an ordinary vulnerable baby, so also in His gruesome and bloody death on a cross, Jesus shows us a side to God that takes us completely by surprise: humility. (How very ‘un-god like’, we may presume!) Jesus, by dying on the cross, played the part of a Passover Lamb who was sacrificed to shelter people from death by taking our place. Such is God’s rescue plan for humanity: merciful, gracious & totally surprising!

But more was to come. After three days, to the amazement of His friends, Jesus rose from the dead. Humanity’s biggest fear: death – defeated by the God-Man, King Jesus! We believe that it is through forgiveness & reconciliation to God by Jesus’ death & resurrection, the death of our physical body becomes merely a veil to the greater reality of heaven.

What a hope! So, consider asking Jesus to forgive, and give you a heart to follow Him. Life will continue to have its surprises, but with Jesus you’ll be able to face them.

With love, 
Pastor Phil Herklots, 
Cornerstone Church.
Easter 2016