Easter 2017
Easter is serious stuff.

Easter is serious stuff. St. John Chrysostom, said: “By the Cross we know the gravity of sin and the greatness of God’s love for us.”

We often feel guilt for things we have done and sometimes a sense of shame for the people we are. This comes between God and us. The Cross is the place, in prayer, to leave guilt and shame behind and gather up God’s love, acceptance, forgiveness, and freedom.

However, Jesus didn’t stay dead. He was raised back to life. It means that death, bad news, and all the awful things that happen in our lives and in this world will not have the last word.

Whatever anyone tells you, Jesus’ resurrection is one of the best-attested facts in history and now 2.2 billion people identify as being Christians and followers of Jesus.

If we chose to do life his way, he promises us ‘life in all its’ fullness’ and friendship with God. Forgiveness for the times we have blown it and healing for the wounds we have received from others. It’s not a bad offer is it? And that’s why Easter is something to celebrate and why churches should be better known for their parties.

Rev. Eric Bossward, St Mary’s in Barton and Sandhills

Easter 2017